Please keep in mind that only one submission per school will be accepted for these scholarships, and the student must be one of the top three graduating students, who plans to attend VIU for the upcoming semester, and who meets the outlined criteria.

Note:  you may submit one President’s nomination, and one Chancellor’s nomination if you have qualifying students that meet the outlined criteria.

As there are only six Chancellor’s Scholarships available, as in the past, VIU will make the final selection from all submissions received, and will advise both the student and the school if they have been selected.

n addition to the above school nominated scholarships, we ask that you also kindly remind your students, if they have not already done so, they must complete their on-line scholarship / award / bursary profile from their VIU student record by the March 31stdeadline date, if they wish to be considered for our other VIU Entrance Awards & Scholarships.  This includes the new VIUPresident’s Dual Credit Scholarship of $1,000.

 Students may view our VIU awards at:


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