Grad Info – Update

1) Grad Fees:  Thank you to those who have already paid these!  Students need to bring their $100 in by Friday June 3 at the latest. These fees cover the various different expenses related to the grad ceremony.
2) Photos needed for banquet centrepieces –  The decorating committee requests that you send in three candid photos please by Friday June 10 .  These should be vertical or “portrait” as opposed to horizontal/landscape.  Please label the backs so we know who the photos are of.
3) Grad Rehearsal: Just a reminder that the grad rehearsal/set up is Monday June 27 from 6:30-8:30.  We ask that at least one parent as well as the graduate attend.
4) Grad Decorating:  The next meeting for the decorating committee is Wed June 8 at 7:00 at DCSS.
5) Banquet information – I need to know how many banquet tickets you would like by Monday, June 6.  Currently each student is guaranteed to get 5 tickets (1 ticket for themselves + 4 more).  I know there are some of you who need more than 5, so once all families have let me know the number of tickets they require, I will let those who need more tickets know how many they can get.  In the past, this has always worked out, so please don’t panic!  I will confirm your ticket numbers by Friday, June 10.
Just a reminder, too, that banquet is being held at Arbutus Ridge and will start at 6:30.  Tickets are $40 each.  This money will need to be paid by Monday, June 13. For those of you interested in knowing the menu, here you go (the students have chosen the Pork Meatball,s the Three Cheese Tortellini and the Grilled Chicken Breasts).
Displaying prevost
Please let me know by June 13 if anybody coming to the banquet has dietary issues or concerns so that Arbutus Ridge can address them.
Recap of important dates:
Friday, June 3 ————-$100 due
Monday, June 6 ————# of banquet tickets needed
Friday, June 10 ————3 candid photos due, # of banquet tickets confirmed
Monday, June 13 ———–Banquet ticket money is due
grad 2016

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