Full tuition (6 total), less ancillary fees; Available to top academic grade 12 students from First Nations communities, Friendship Centres or Metis organizations on Vancouver Island (including Powell River and Bella Bella). Students must be completing their grade 12 high school year with an “A” average of 90% or higher (with no mark lower than a “B”) for each grade 11 and 12 year in the 8 defined academic courses. These scholarships are renewable for the duration of the student’s undergraduate studies at VIU, up to the completion of their first bachelor’s degree (maximum 5 years). To qualify for renewal, students must maintain both a semester and cumulative gpa of 3.67, with a minimum 80% course load (minimum 12 credits) in each semester, as defined on the VIU website.

APPLICATION: https://www2.viu.ca/FinancialAid/documents/ChancellorsEndorsement-2016.pdf

DEADLINE: APRIL 25 (so DCSS has time to recommend you!)



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