The William Curtis Memorial Fund was established in January 1979 for Foster Children who have reached the age of majority and wish to continue with their education. It is awarded annually. The following criteria was established to set out the requirements to be met in order to make application.

WHO CAN APPLY Any child in the Care of the Superintendent of Family & Child Service, who resides in British Columbia and has reached the age of 19 years; who shows an interest in extending his/her education, (whether to finish high school, attend business or vocational school, college or university) and where no other funds are available, is eligible to apply for this bursary. The highest marks, although considered, will not be the only determining factor in the awarding of the bursary.

AMOUNT OF BURSARY The amount awarded is commensurate with the yearly interest accrued on the principle or $500, whichever is greater.

WHEN TO APPLY Applications will be accepted in MAY of each year. Recipients are limited to the awarding of 1 bursary annually.



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