In keeping with the strong belief of “Service above Self” we are happy to offer these bursaries to graduating students who are residents of Crofton. The generosity of our volunteers makes these awards possible.  We believe in giving to your Community and want to know what you have done in your community up until now.  We require all applicants to submit with their application, a one page essay describing themselves, their hobbies, community activities, their goals and why they believe they deserve this bursary.  If applicable, please give a detailed account of your involvement with the Crofton Community Centre Society and or The Crofton Catering Group. (Applicants don’t have to be a member of the CCCS)  In order to evaluate all bursary applications fairly, consideration will be given to, level of community involvement within the school as well as in the local community (i.e. volunteer work),  part time or summertime jobs, average school marks, non-academic achievements (i.e. sports, arts and other areas), as well as financial need.  

Application: Crofton Community Centre Bursary 2016

More impt info: Crofton Community Centre Bursary Bursary info 2016


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