The Natural Child Bursary was founded in 1991 by Region ‘K’ for the birth or adopted child of a BCFFPA foster parent member in B.C. who has completed Grade 12 and wishes to continue his/her education.

WHO CAN APPLY Any birth or legally adopted child of a foster parents (who has held a membership in the BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations for three consecutive years since 1989, or who is an Honorary Life Member) who resides in British Columbia; has completed Grade 12; who shows an interest in extending his/her education in any field of study including business or vocational school, college or university; is eligible to apply for the above bursary. The highest grades, although considered, will not be the only determining factor in the allocation of the bursary.

AMOUNT OF BURSARY One annual bursary equivalent to the yearly interest or $500 (whichever is greater) will be distributed.

WHEN TO APPLY Applications will be accepted in MAY of each year. Recipients are limited to the awarding of 1 bursary annually.



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