BC Excellence Scholarships

****Students must be nominated for this scholarship by their school. 

If you believe that we should nominate you, please see Mrs. Spencer!****.

  • 55 Excellence Scholarships
  • Winners will have
    • Demonstrated community service, both inside and outside their schools
    • Shown aptitude and commitment to their chosen career paths

They will receive a $5000 scholarship voucher to use for post-secondary tuition.

If nominated, the student must submit the application (PDF) to their school, who will forward it to their school district.

A student cannot win both a BC Excellence Scholarship and a Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship.

Nominees must:

  • Meet basic eligibility requirements
  • Be enrolled in or graduated from a B.C. Grade 12 graduation program
  • Be eligible for a BC Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma) by August 31st of the school year in which they are nominated
  • Have at least a:
    • “B” (73% or above) in their Language Arts 11 final mark
    • “B” average in Grade 11 final course marks that fulfill graduation requirements of Science 11, Math 11 and Social Studies 11, with no more than one “C+” (67% or above) final course mark, (marks lower than “C+” are not accepted)
  • Maintain a “B” average in Grades 11 and 12 final course marks required for graduation
  • Submit a resume
  • Provide two references, one from their community and one from their school
  • Provide a written statement (maximum 500 words) describing:
    • What lead them to their community service, volunteer activity, and/or leadership role
    • What they learned from this involvement
    • How these skills/experiences will benefit them in their chosen career path



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