This form is important for grade 12s to complete!  It will ensure that the govt forwards your marks to colleges/universities/etc as soon as they become available in the summer!

Transcripts for Post-Secondary Institutions

To help transition from high school to post-secondary education, your transcripts can be sent to various universities, colleges and institutes. Prior to graduation, you can indicate which institutions you plan to apply to and have your transcripts sent electronically to them.

  • Complete the Post-Secondary Institutions (PSI) Selections form using Student Secure Web
  • Make sure the PSI form is completed between November and June of your graduating school year
  • Transcripts are sent electronically to the majority of B.C. post-secondary institutions, University of Calgary, University of Alberta and Ontario Universities Application Centre. All other PSIs are mailed paper transcripts
  • Transcripts are sent at the end of July – if you need your transcript sent at a different time, please submit a transcript order with payment
  • Results from August exams are not available in time for September admission to post-secondary institutions

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