Provincial Exam Scholarship information

Graduation Program Examinations Scholarships

B.C. students in Grades 10-12 who have the highest provincial exam scores can receive one of the following vouchers to use towards their post-secondary tuition:

  • $1000 (given to 5000 students)
  • $2500 (given to 20 students)

Detailed information on the program is available in the Handbook of Procedures for the Graduation Program.

Redeem Your Scholarship

Students who win this scholarship are mailed a voucher in the fall. They have until the expiry date on the voucher to redeem their award – up to five years from September 30th of their graduating year from high school.

If you received a voucher, it can be redeemed once you’ve registered and paid for a program that leads to a credential or certification at a designated post-secondary institution (i.e. it qualifies for Canada Student Loans) or authorized trades training provider.

To redeem your voucher:

  1. Have an authorized institution representative stamp and sign your voucher as confirmation of enrolment and payment of fees
  2. Check that your voucher contains all the required information – your Social Insurance Number and current address
  3. Mail the voucher to the Ministry of Education (using the address on the voucher)
  4. Receive your cheque by mail in approximately six to eight weeks

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