• Open to all registered members and officials of C.V.M.H.A. Consideration will be given to players/officials who have participated up to the midget level with a minimum of 4 years of minor hockey experience with the Cowichan Valley Minor Hockey Association only (not Kerry Park) .
  • The applicant must be attending high school in School District #79.
  • The applicant’s financial need will be considered, as well as academic performance and good sportsmanship.
  • The applicant must attend a post-secondary institution within eighteen (18) months of graduating from high school. The applicant must show proof of registration acceptance with eighteen (18) months of graduation or the bursary will not be issued. If the recipient chooses not to continue his/her education, the bursary must be relinquished.
  • The applicant may apply for both the Bursary and Scholarship from C.V.M.H.A., but cannot receive both.
  • The recipient of the Bursary will be selected by a committee acting on behalf of C.V.M.H.A., which will not consist of any parent or guardian of any of the applicants.
  • The committee, at its discretion, may decide not to award the Bursary, but if there is more than one applicant that the committee feels is deserving, then the Bursary may be reviewed and possibly divided.

1 award of $500

Application: Cow Valley Hockey Scholarship


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