The applicant must:

  • reside in the Cowichan Valley (within the boundaries of S.D. #79 (Cowichan Valley).
  • be intent on pursuing a course of post secondary studies in the environmental field/sciences.
  • have been involved in nature and conservation pursuits under the auspices of Cowichan Valley Naturalists’ Society, Stream Keepers, Nature Conservancy of Canada, Cowichan Community Land Trust, or Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society.
  • submit a letter of reference from one of the above mentioned organizations to which the applicant volunteered.

The bursary will be awarded upon receipt, from the post-secondary institution, indicating that the applicant has been successfully accepted (thus ensuring that the applicant’s grades are sufficient for that purpose).

The successful applicant could receive the bursary (if graduating in June) for the following fall or January enrolment.

1 award valued at $500

Please apply on the following form: Naturalists Society application


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