• The bursary shall be awarded to any deserving student who intends to pursue a career in the field
    of education. This does not preclude students wishing to take undergraduate training in a faculty other than education prior to obtaining the necessary teacher training.
  • A scholastic standing of not less than a “C+” average is required.
  • Awarded annually unless at the discretion of the Committee there is no eligible applicant.
  • The application to include the financial circumstances of the student and his/her family.
  • The award shall be paid to the Registrar of any accredited post-secondary institution upon written confirmation of acceptance received by the Committee from the recipient of the award.
  • In the event that the recipient does not continue his/her studies during the year, any sum remaining from fees shall be returned to the C.D.T.A.
  • Normally, the award will be paid out in the year following graduationIn certain circumstances and with a written request to the CDTA, an extension may be granted.
  • Children or grandchildren of CDTA members or retired members be given preferred consideration in the determination of the recipients of the CDTA bursaries.

1 award valued at $1200

Application form: Cowichan District Teacher’s Association


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