♦ Available to a S.D. # 79 (Cowichan Valley) graduating student who previously attended George
Bonner Middle School for a minimum of one year (proof of attendance required).
♦ Is proceeding to a training facility and enrolling in a program that will lead to a certificate or degree.
♦ Bursary will be awarded on the basis of student’s financial need, academic achievement and
contributions made to schools and community.
♦ Provide letter of reference from staff or community member.
♦ Students must apply for bursary in the school year in which they graduate.
♦ Recipient must provide proof of acceptance into post-secondary institution within six months of being
notified of the award. However, upon receipt of written request for the extension of the 6 month
period, along with reasons for the request, the committee shall give such request every consideration,
but the final decision will be at their sole discretion.
♦ Recipient must write a maximum 500 word essay on the person who has influenced his/her
education the most.
Contact Person
Karyne Bailey


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