This is an amazing opportunity for students to earn a $500 award and a $500 voucher towards post-secondary schooling.

The purpose of the Dogwood District/Authority Awards is to acknowledge superior achievement in
the following specialty areas (see sub-categories below):
 Fine Arts
 Applied Skills
 Physical Activity and Sports
 Second Languages
 Community Service
 Technical and Trades Training

Sub Categories:

Page 4 Accounting/Business Studies/Drafting/Technology
Page 4 Business Computer Applications/Business Information Management
Page 4 Classical Music: Vocal and Instrumental
Page 4 Computer Programming
Page 5 Creative Writing
Page 5 Dance
Page 5 Debate and Public Speaking
Page 6 Film/Video
Page 6 Food Studies
Page 6 Information and Communications Technology
Page 6 Leadership
Pate 7 Leadership in Health and Physical Activity
Page 7 Leadership in Sport
Page 7 Music Composition (Classical and Popular)
Page 8 Music Theatre
Page 8 Performance in Sport: Individual
Page 8 Performance in Sport: Team
Page 8 Photography
Page 9 Popular Music (Jazz and Contemporary): Vocal and/or Instrumental
Page 9 Second Languages
Page 9 Studio Arts
Page 9 Textiles
Page 10 Theatre Performance
Page 10 Theatre Production: Technical Theatre

For more information, please go to:


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