♦ Available to a graduating student who has been involved in highland dancing schools in
School District # 79. Applicant must be a member in good standing.
♦ The applicant’s dancing ability will have no bearing on the committee’s decision.
♦ The applicant’s must provide proof of enrolment to post-secondary education within 18 months of
♦ Specify on the application how long applicant has been an active member of C.V.H.D.A. and
list major activities applicant and/or family members have taken part in or helped with related
to and for the good of the C.V.H.D.A.
♦ The committee, at its discretion, may decide not to award the bursary(ies). If there is more than one
applicant that the committee feels is deserving, then the bursary will be reviewed and possibly
increased and/or divided.
Amount to be determined and based on number of applicants


Contact Person
Janice Cross (CVHDA) 250-743-7154
3883 Laurel’s Pl
Cobble Hill, BC V0R 1L4


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