District Authority Scholarship – application deadline – Monday April 9 at noon

This is a very unique scholarship that provides the opportunity for students who are skilled in ways that are not always academic to be awarded for their talents!!!

There will likely be more than 80 scholarships to distribute.  Last year, we received about 120 individual applications. Scholarships are $1250.

Students must give their completed application form to Mrs. Spencer by Monday April 9 at noon!

The purpose of the District/Authority Scholarships is to acknowledge superior achievement in the following specialty areas (see sub-categories below):

  • Fine Arts (e.g., Visual Arts, Dance, Drama, Music)
  • Applied Skills (e.g., Business Education, Technology Education, Home Economics)
  • Physical Activity and Sports (e.g., Athletics, Gymnastics, not limited to Physical Education)
  • International Languages with Integrated Resource Packages (IRPs) or External Assessments, including AP and IB courses.
  • Community Service (Volunteer Activity), which includes demonstration of local and global issues and cultural awareness
  • Technical and Trades Training (e.g., Carpentry, Automotive, Mechanics, Cook Training)
  • Indigenous Languages and Culture, demonstrated at school or in the community


For more details about this scholarship please check here: DAS Application Vancouver Island 2018 (2)


VIU Full Ride Entrance Scholarship



Please keep in mind that only one submission per school will be accepted for these scholarships, and the student must be one of the top three graduating students, who plans to attend VIU for the upcoming semester, and who meets the outlined criteria.

Note:  you may submit one President’s nomination, and one Chancellor’s nomination if you have qualifying students that meet the outlined criteria.

As there are only six Chancellor’s Scholarships available, as in the past, VIU will make the final selection from all submissions received, and will advise both the student and the school if they have been selected.

n addition to the above school nominated scholarships, we ask that you also kindly remind your students, if they have not already done so, they must complete their on-line scholarship / award / bursary profile from their VIU student record by the March 31stdeadline date, if they wish to be considered for our other VIU Entrance Awards & Scholarships.  This includes the new VIUPresident’s Dual Credit Scholarship of $1,000.

 Students may view our VIU awards at: https://services.viu.ca/student-affairs/financial-aid-awards/scholarships-awards

Forest Legacy Scholarship and Bursaries – deadline April 30, 2018

The Municipality of North Cowichan is pleased to offer the Forest Legacy Scholarship and Bursaries. The $1,200 scholarship and two $600 bursaries are funded from Municipal Forest Reserve revenue through the Municipal Forestry Program. The Municipality established a $40,000 Reserve Fund in 1998 to generate annual interest income to fund these awards. The Municipality’s Community Forest Program takes great pride in assisting the youth of North Cowichan through these scholarships and bursaries.

North Cowichan will award the scholarship and two bursaries to secondary school graduates who reside in the Municipality of North Cowichan. Applicants must be enrolled in a post-secondary science study such as:  forestry, agriculture, environment, fisheries, hydrology, soils, etc. 

The applicant must be enrolled in a 1st year program, pursuing an education through a Technical School, College, or University. The Municipality will award the scholarship and two bursaries directly to the winners upon proof of enrollment in a post secondary institute. To apply for the scholarship or bursaries, please submit a completed North Cowichan application form, additional requirements, and essay.

To apply complete the PDF application [PDF – 30 KB] form.


NUPGE Scholarships – deadline July 6, 2018

Ottawa (03 Jan. 2017) — Each year, the 370,000-member National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE) offers 5 scholarships of $1,500 each that reflect its pursuit of equal opportunity for workers.

Entrants must be the children, grandchildren or foster children or grandchildren of members or retirees of the National Union and who are planning to enter the 1st year of a Canadian public, post-secondary educational institution on a full-time basis in 2018.  All scholarships awarded will be based on the best 750 — 1,000 word essay as listed below.  The deadline for applications and essays is July 6, 2018. There may be additional requirements for each scholarships, as noted below.

Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship

In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship must be entering a field of study in health care, criminal justice or community services or policing.  The essay topic is:

The importance of their field of study in either policing, criminal justice services or health care in delivering public services to Canadians.

Information and application for the Brian Fudge Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship for Indigenous Students

In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Scholarship for Indigenous Students must identify as indigenous.  The essay topic is:

The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of Indigenous students.

Information and application for the Scholarship for Indigenous Students

Scholarship for Students of Colour

In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Scholarship for Students of Colour must identify as a person of colour.  The essay topic is:

The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of people of colour in Canada.

Information and application for the Scholarship for Students of Colour

Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship

In addition to the general requirements above, the applicants for the Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship must identify a disability.  The essay topic is:

The importance of quality public services in enhancing the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Information and application for the Terry Fox Memorial Scholarship

Tommy Douglas Scholarship

There are no other requirements, other than the general requirements above, for applying for the Tommy Douglas Scholarship. The essay topic is:

How Tommy Douglas contributed to making Canada a more just and equitable society.

Information and application for the Tommy Douglas Scholarship

Note: Applicants are advised that the winners and winning essays will be publicized on our website and their high school will be notified of their win.

For further information, contact the National Union at 613-228-9800 or email scholarship@nupge.ca.

BCGEU scholarships 2018 – deadline April 29, 2018

Awards for full-time students are $2,000 and, for part-time students, $1,000. Our scholarship program is funded by the dues of our 73,000 members.

Applicants must be:

  • A BCGEU member, or related to a current retired, or deceased BCGEU member or staff; and
  • A student or prospective post-secondary or higher learning student enrolled, registered or planning to attend an eligible educational institution in 2018.

Eligible relatives include spouses, parents, and children or grandchildren (including foster, adopted and stepchildren and grandchildren). Eligible educational institutions must be designated by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). Previous BCGEU scholarship recipients are not eligible to apply.

In addition to personal information and details of your education plan, you will be asked to submit a short essay of 450 – 500 words. This year’s essay question is:

British Columbia has a long history of protest and activism that has shaped our province. What lessons, if any, can today’s trade unions learn from this history? How important is protest and activism to making change possible? Use a historical or contemporary example of social movements, protest and activism that you find inspiring to consider these questions.

We encourage you to interview an activist, conduct original research or base your essay on personal experience.

The deadline for submitting your application is Sunday, April 29, 2018, at midnight.

Find the scholarship application here.

Going to BCIT? Entrance award information below…


We are pleased to announce that the following Entrance Awards are available to students who are planning to attend BCIT commencing April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019.

 Up to 25 BCIT President’s Entrance Awards, available only to current High School students

  • Valued up to $4,000 each.
  • Deadline: August 5, 2018

  • Over 125 additional BCIT Entrance Awards
  • Valued up to $6,000 each.
  • Deadlines: August 5, 2018 and January 6, 2019

We have attached a copy of our Entrance Awards Booklet for your reference, as well as a poster to be placed where grade 12 students will see it.  Copies of this booklet and the application forms can also be downloaded directly from our web site atbcit.ca/finaid.

Help your students pay for their education by encouraging them to apply! 

For more information, please feel free to contact us.

BCIT Student Financial Aid and Awards

Building SW1, Room 2132

3700 Willingdon Avenue

Burnaby, BC

V5G 3H2

(604) 432 – 8555


Catalyst Paper Scholarship – deadline May 1

To be eligible the applicant must be a dependent of a Catalyst employee or retired associate residing in British Columbia 

Catalyst Paper’s scholarship program is designed to provide assistance with the financial needs of high school graduates entering their first year at a public university, community college or institute of technology.
Four scholarships are available in total, valued at a maximum of $1000 each.

Selection of scholarship winners is based on student’s academic performance,
demonstrated leadership and citizenship qualities.

Application: 2018 Catalyst Scholarship Application


Indigenous Peoples Scholarship Program – Catalyst – deadline May 1, 2018

Six scholarships are available in total, valued at a maximum of $1,000 each.

To be eligible, the applicant must be a recognized status Cowichan Tribes First Nation, Halalt First Nation, Lake Cowichan First Nation, Lyackson First Nation, Penelakut First Nation, Stz’uminus First Nation band member, or a status Inuit or Metis living in the community who is planning to become a full-time student at a technical institute,community college or accredited public university, following high school graduation and receipt of the award.

Selection of scholarship winners is based on student’s academic and sports
performance, demonstrated leadership, and citizenship qualities.

Application form: Catalyst Crofton Indigenous Peoples Scholarship Application 2018


For those of you going to TWU….

From Susanne at TWU
March 15th Early award application due. Last year TWU awarded $8 million and we would love to see you receive some of that.
March 22-23 Preview Weekend. Register at www.twu.ca/visit. Free shuttle included.

Artwork Contest for Aboriginal Youth – $50 prize – due May 4

To celebrate the rich cultural and heritage traditions of BC’s aboriginal people, FORED is sponsoring an artwork contest with cash prizes for aboriginal youth. The theme is Traditional Knowledge and Medicine.
Poster submissions should illustrate the above theme with artwork and any brief description as required. Three winning entries from aboriginal participants will each collect a $50 prize. If participants work with a partner or group to submit a poster, the partners/group will share the prize. By participating in this contest, winners agree that their names and artwork can be published in local media. Winning posters are displayed in Ministry of Education offices in Victoria on Aboriginal Day, June 21st.   Winning artwork is uploaded to the FORED website and can be viewed at http://www.landscapesmag.com/common/main.cfm?ind=1&sin=1&ssi=0&sss=1.


This is a wonderful opportunity to find a mentor in the Elder community
 to pass down this important knowledge to First Nations youth.


  • Deadline for submission to FORED BC is May 4, 2018 and must be postmarked by that same date. All artwork becomes the property of FORED BC.
  • The contest is open to all kids ages 5-18 with Aboriginal or Métis ancestry. Participants must note their name, band affiliation or ancestry, postal address, phone and email address and/or grade, teacher, school, & school postal & email addresses on the back of all posters or in covering emails.
  • Artwork must reflect the theme and can be on any size paper up to 11×17. Any type of artistic medium may be used, i.e. pencil, crayon, paint, mural, collage, computer graphics etc. You may glue or tape any natural textures, including seeds, sweetgrass, flowers, leaves, fur, feathers etc. to the poster with a description on how they are used in relation to traditional knowledge and medicine. Emailed submissions are welcome as long as they are 300 dots per inch resolution and scanned at the actual size. A .jpg or .pdf file is fine.
  • Due to the large volume of entries received, FORED is not able to return posters. Only winners will be notified.

For any questions on this artwork event, please email education@foredbc.org.   

Please mail or email posters postmarked no later than May 4, 2018 to FORED BC c/o Education Coordinator, #213-4438 West 10th Ave. Vancouver, BC V6R 4R8